What is Folic Acid?


Folic corrosive is a man-made type of a B nutrient called folate. Folate assumes a significant part in the creation of red platelets and assists your child's brain tube with forming into their cerebrum and spinal string.

Assuming you're intending to have a child, you must take folic corrosive tablets for a few months before you imagine.

Food that contain Folate


peas spinach sprouts chickpeas broccoli asparagus

How much folic acid should I take?

Most ladies are encouraged to take a 400mcg enhancement consistently. You can get these from most drug stores, grocery stores, and wellbeing food shops.

Why should I take folic acid?

Assuming you have the right degree of folic corrosive in your body before you get pregnant, it diminishes the gamble of the child creating brain tube absconds by up to 70%.

Where to Buy Folic Acid?


You can purchase folic corrosive enhancements at the pharmacy or you can simply take a pre-birth or standard multivitamin. In the event that you truly do take a multivitamins.

Is it OK to take 800 mg of folic acid when trying to conceive?

Ladies who can get pregnant ought to get 400 to 800 micrograms of folic corrosive from a nutrient or from food that has added folic corrosive.