Why Should Avoid Soft Drinks During Pregnancy

Why Should Avoid Soft Drinks During Pregnancy

During pregnancy craving for different food and chilled cold drinks is common in pregnant women. It is advised not to drink soda, cold drinks, or flavored drinks during pregnancy as they all affect the growing baby in the womb. Drinking carbonated drinks is not safe for babies as it is mixed with sugar and soda, High sugar in the pregnancy can lead to many complications in the pregnancy also due to the baby also birth overweight. Let’s know here why should avoid soft drinks during pregnancy.

Craving for Soft Drinks During pregnancy

Ideally, pregnant women have cravings for cold drinks, soft drinks, and many more. These are safe drinks which is provide freshness and different tastes and good nutrition for baby development. Consistency is the key, keep having it in moderation.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but it can make you very tired. In that craving for some cold drinks is very common, but they should avoid those drinks instead pick some chhas, milk and fruit shakes and juices which is natural and safe for both of them.

Avoid Soft Drinks During Pregnancy

Soft drinks like thums-up, Coca-cola, and Fanta containing sugar or coca-cola are not advisable to drink during pregnancy because it is mixed with carbonate and soda which is harmful to foetus also soft drinks contain sugar which will increase the risk of obesity and diabetes for both mother and baby. The best option for pregnant women is to drink water and fruit juices.

Particularly those that contain caffeine, are not advised to have it during pregnancy. Not only should soft drinks be avoided when pregnant, but also they should be avoided even after the baby is born and breastfeeding.

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Drink Soda?

Soft drinks are part of our daily life as they are found everywhere such as in-market, in restaurants, in shops, and even in our homes. They are sold in different bottle sizes and brands. During pregnancy women’s desire for soft drinks increases but at this time they should not drink it because it can be harmful to both of them. Soft drinks also contain sugar which will be detrimental to both mother’s health and the baby’s health. but it is good to have a small amount of it as this will help indigestion.

Which Drinks Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Some drinks that you should avoid/limit while you are pregnant include carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, and sugar-sweetened beverages. but the pregnant woman is allowed to have plums juice because it is rich in fiber and vitamins and it helps you with colic and constipation. Not only soft drinks,  caffeine-containing drinks are also not recommended during pregnancy as they hinder the growth of the baby by skipping the nutrition to the mother’s body and affect to the fetus.

So, always avoid caffeinated beverages with a heavy amount of sugar consumption. There is a lack of vitamins, protein, iron, and other nutrients in it. Although e-cigarettes are often promoted as a safer alternative to tobacco products, their health risks are not well enough understood.

Every now and then I see friends having 10-12 soda cans per day during pregnancy and drinking it completely. I wonder why they do not get any advice during pregnancy shopping or at least to use baking soda in soft drinks instead of drinking it completely.

Drinking coke while pregnant has side effects

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should avoid any coke or cola as this is the first trimester of pregnancy where your body is so sensitive, having chilled cold beverages can lead to thrill in the body’s blood vessels, and also lead to some indigestion, heartburn and stomach pain and early miscarriage as well.

Avoid Sugar When Pregnant

While cold drinks are not as healthy as they appear to be, they can still be part of a well-balanced diet. However, soft drinks with sugar and artificial ingredients should be avoided if you are pregnant. They may have enough sugar to cause tooth decay and increase the risk of developing obesity. It is also not healthy for babies because it contains ingredients specifically designed to stimulate the appetite that may make your baby want more than what is good for them.

In short, you should quit it all if you are pregnant and still, you can drink a glass or two in a week but for the safe side, you must ask your doctor.

Alternatives to Soft Drinks

  • Lemon Water
  • Butter Milk
  • Homemade Smoothies
  • Vegetable Juices
  • Fruit Juices


During pregnancy, it is also very important that you make good nutritional choices and soft drinks to avoid during pregnancy. This is because what you eat may affect the health of your baby. Pregnant women should keep in mind that certain foods are not suitable for them and for the fetus too. Also, remember to do regular exercise because, during pregnancy, you need to burn extra calories at rest which can be achieved by exercising.

You can look at different sites online which provide healthy recipes or if you have time try to cook your own meals and eat them with your family if possible. During pregnancy, you should ensure that you don’t follow bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, etc. Keeping all this in mind will definitely help you have a healthy and happy birth experience.

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