How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Better to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy rather than treat them, here are few tips tp follow to prevent stretch marks while pregnant.

Stretch marks are the marks of your Lil baby who is arrived in your life and those stretch marks sometimes make you feel annoying. Stretch marks are usually gone by the time but not actually it happens with every woman. You may feel low self-confidence and not really like it. You may find some ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by using some kind of moisturizer and cream.

Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Usually, stretch marks come up between the second and third trimester or can say at the end of the trimester and beginning of the third trimester. When your baby grows in the womb, your body starts to stretch mostly the middle area of your stomach. Also, other body parts start stretching like your chest, legs, hips, and also your belly part. After birth stretch marks are more noticeable as your body will start to come in the normal size.

By that time stretch marks also start to get disappear but most women do not actually want those stretch marks on their body parts. To protect your body from those stretch marks you can take some protection like try to gain healthy weight, do not follow any appropriate diet for losing weight or kind of things but you can follow your doctor’s instruction for healthy weight gain. Here are a few tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

During pregnancy it is very important for you to keep hydrated, and drink plenty of water during pregnancy, it is important for you and your baby, during the time of pregnancy your body needs more water and other vitamins. The need for vitamins and nutrients increases in your body. As your baby also getting those nutrients from you. So, it is always suggested to keep hydrated. This also prevents nausea, fatigue, and cramps. Being hydrated your skin will be nourished and soft. It is always advisable for pregnant women to keep hydrated.

Focus on Healthy Weight Gain to Prevent Stetch Marks

During pregnancy weight gain is normal which causes stretch marks on your skin, So, you can focus on less weight gain by not eating too much like some people suggest eating for two during pregnancy. As a result too much weight gain. There is not actually decided how much weight actually you should gain but you can ask your doctor about diet and calories. This is clear that your body as much as will spread your stretch marks comes according to that

Moisturise and Massage Skin

You should moisturize your skin with some best skin care products during pregnancy, You can have fewer chances to have stretch marks it you apply some cream or moisturizer on your skin. You can apply the product on the legs, belly, chest, and hips where the high chances of getting stretch marks. As your skin gets nourished when you apply the product on the skin there will be fewer chances to have stretch marks on your skin.

Take Your Multivitamins

Your doctor always prescribes some multivitamins iron, zinc, and calcium which fulfill the requirement of your nutrients in your body which also supports in the full development of your baby and also prevents birth defects.

Vitamin C is good for the skin and helps to promote collagen and tissue production in your body. Your skin always needs a good source of vitamins which is supported by fruits like oranges, lemon, and strawberries.

Get Some Natural Sunshine

Sitting in the sunlight during pregnancy is good for pregnant women, it is advisable as your skin gets sensitive during pregnancy. Direct sunlight helps you to avoid stretch marks and sitting in front of direct sunlight helps you to get vitamin D which is really really good for your skin, especially during pregnancy.

Stay calm and motivated as you are giving birth to a newborn which is a proud moment for a woman. Don’t think too much about your body weight gain and stretch marks. If you are worried about stretch marks you can follow those steps and also apply some cream and moisturizer to get some relief. Stretch marks go by the time slowly. Stay hydrated.


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