How to Bond with Your Unborn Baby While Pregnant

How to Bond with Your Unborn Baby While Pregnant

Having a great bond with your unborn baby is not start just after the birth of your baby, this is the bond that starts to establish when you just got to know about your pregnancy. When you have an idea that those little feet, hands are about to come into your life and your life will completely change. Sometimes during pregnancy working mothers can’t focus on those moments which start in their belly and the kick that their baby gave. In that case, you have to stealing some time to Bond with Your unborn Baby.

Here are some ways through which you can make a Bond with your unborn baby

  • Keep Talk to Your Baby
  • Listen to calm Music
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Affirmation
  • Write Journal
  • Rub Your Belly

Keep Talk to Your Baby in Womb:

Just after getting the news of your pregnancy you start to feel something in your belly and have some discussion about your lifestyle. This is the heart-to-heart bond with your baby, you are the mother of the baby and before anyone, you have that opportunity to create a special bond with your baby. Your baby feels safe when you rub it on your belly and tell them about you and your family. After a few weeks of pregnancy, you can start to feel those little kicks and movements.

This is the time when you can start the conversation with your baby and share the safe and beautiful life with you of your baby. That how much you love your baby and how you are feeling after getting to know about the baby is arriving.

Listen to calm Music:

According to research, Most of the time babies sleep in your belly so when you are thinking about creating a special bond with your unborn baby you can start to listen to some calm and soft music, your baby can start to listen around 18 weeks of pregnancy, your unborn baby will start being able to hear sounds in your body like your heartbeat. So, when you play some music and listen your baby also can hear that music. You do not need to listen to music at high volume, play it on normal volume which is suitable for you. They can listen and calm down.

Meditation and Yoga:

Many women complain about the movements of their baby, when they will start to feel that movement, One thing you can do is Do some yoga or meditation. Yes, normally babies sleep in the womb for around 18-20 hours and that is why sometimes movements can be less, So when you do some yoga and exercises they feel something different like someone rocking the chair and they feel swing and rocks. So the baby feels good and may be happy. Yoga and meditation play a very important role in creating the mother-baby bond or mother-infant bonding in the womb.

Write Journal:

This is not important to write about every movement and feels (like diary types) you can write about some special moments when you just got your good news, that first movement of your baby, that emotional face which you have sometimes, craving you have mostly, those photoshoots and dresses and many more things you can write about. You may have some funny moments like how you tell your husband about your pregnancy what was the excitement etc. Writing Journals can record your moments and memories. So, it’s good if you write about your pregnancy phase.

Rub Your Belly:

Rub your belly, this is the thing that most women can be seen doing with their belly. Yes, you feel good when you rub your belly and massage on baby’s womb. when you rub your belly your baby feels the touch of your mother and feels relaxed. Massage with some cream and oil on your belly, so that your skin will be moisturized and your baby also feels good. Pregnant women automatically do that as they feel so connected with their baby, which creates a happy bonding with their unborn baby.

Importance of father bonding with Unborn:

Well this is clearly visible that a father’s bond is completely strange for baby they can only feels the bond after the birth of baby, but if you are the one who wants to establish the bond before birth with baby in the mother womb you can also start talk to your baby, share some beautiful things, tell the story and Should Play Music in the Womb for Baby like guitar. Your baby will loved these things.

Be Happy:

Be happy during the pregnancy, your baby love to being happy when mother is happy. Mother’s emotional stage can impact on their baby. If mother won’t be happy baby will also get depress through her.

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