Hospital Baby Bag Checklist for Mom and Baby

Hospital Baby Bag Checklist for Mom and Baby

Hey mamas, you are in your third trimester and soon your c-section date coming after in few months you need to think about the hospital bag which you need to bring to the hospital.

When you are going to be a mom for the first time you have seems some doubts about what to carry in the bag, and what exactly do you need at that time. The hospital provides you the basic things which required you at that time but your preparation can be more helpful to you and your baby. Here we prepared a list of hospital baby bag checklist for your pregnancy.

When to Prepare for Your Hospital Baby Bag

Well, five percent of babies come before their expecting date, when your doctors suggest you the date of delivery. So you can prepare your bag before 3-4 weeks. If something expected required you can make that available on time. It’s better to be prepared early if the baby comes before the date. As some babies come before the date or some of them come after the expecting date.

Hospital Baby Bag Checklist for Your Baby and You

Keep ID cards, Insurance cards, and if birth plan policy in a folder: You may have possibly insurance cards or birth plans available and also other documents which your doctor had given during prepregnancy medications and schedules.

  • Lightweight Clothes: During pregnancy in hospital you will need a comfortable gown for yourself, as your make you make more comfortable. Hospitals also provide a hospital gown if you are comfortable in that you don’t need to keep it in your baby bag checklist.
  • Slippers and socks: At the time of labor maybe you need some walking slippers and socks. In that case, recommended you keep comfy slippers and bottoms.
  • One outfit for going home: Keep an outfit for you to back home. As post-pregnancy, your body needs very comfy clothes to wear like pajamas and a loose t-shirt. Your uterus takes time to come in come in pre-baby size. It takes time as you bring a baby there, So it’s better to inclued it in your hospital baby bag.
  • Maternity bras: Well you need to bring some maternity bra for the protection and leak. After the birth of a baby, you need breastfeeding in that case your breast milk will come out hours or days. So the nursing bra will protect you from the leak and make you feel comfortable.
  • Cell phone charger: To keep update your family and friends about your pregnancy you may need your phone and charger. Also, some music and browsing social media can make you happy and engaging at that time. And music and audio and some podcasts make you feel comfy.
  • Bath Towel: Keep your comfy towel for yourself and your baby, Maybe the hospital towels can’t make you feel comfy.
  • Toiletries: Keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and face wash. Remind yourself and your partner to keep these essential things with you.

The small amount of cash and credit cards: Keep some small amount of cash and credit card for yourself. As there can be any time you may need some money to buy gifts or something important.

Glasses or Contact lenses: If you wear lenses and glass keep it for you. They are also important.

  • Pads: Pads are the essential things you should keep with you but hospitals also provide you the thick pads, they are most important for you. Don’t use tampons after the delivery as they are not safe.
  • Support Underwear:  Bring some support underwear that is high wasted and provide light compression after the delivery. You can also have fold-over underwear that sits under the incision. You should have comfy clothes available.
  • Water Bottle: Keep Hydrated by drinking sufficient water. So bringing a water bottle will keep you hydrated with a water cup.
  • Covid mask: As this is a very crucial time we need to have more careful during this pandemic. Keep a few covid masks that will make you safe and your baby.
Hospital baby bag checklist

Some Important Essentials for the Birth Partner

What you Should Include in your Hospital baby Bag for Advanced Prepration:

  • Blanket: Have a cozy, soft, and comfy blanket for your baby, if this is winter then you can keep extra clothes and a towel.
  • Wipes and Diapers: If you want to have some specific diapers for your baby. Hospitals also provide some wipes and diapers for them which include wet bags and newborns’ clothes. Keep extra wipes always.
  • Car Seat: You also can install a car seat for your baby before leaving your maternity hospital. Do it before going for the delivery. Your partner can help you to do this.

In the end, You should keep the things which you think, It’s up to you when you are going to be a new parent and according to your needs. Also, make a list according to you.

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