Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Getting your period every month when you trying to conceive can be heartbreaking a lot. Eagerly waiting to see those two faint lines Feels like winning the game. But Here are some early pregnancy symptoms that make you indicate about your baby. Through these symptoms, you can identify your pregnancy.

When Your Pregnancy Symptoms Starts

One of my friends continuously got the negative sign and also not her periods. She has no idea that she is pregnant, after some time she started getting that glow and cramping. Then she went to the doctor and she got surprised when the doctor told her that she is Pregnant.

There are different experiences every woman has, some find out so early and in few days that they conceived a baby while others got no symptoms. Here we are mentioning some early pregnancy symptoms through you can have some idea about pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Which You Should Focus On

  • Frequency in Urination: At this stage, you need to use the washroom more than usual, When you are pregnant that time your kidney starts filtering your blood and that waste trash goes out through urination, and blood supply increase that time. So, if you are using the washroom more than before then there can be a positive pregnancy symptoms and sign.
  • Missed Periods: Missing your period is a positive sign for your pregnancy, this is a clear sign which indicates that happiness to you. During pregnancy, your body produces hormones which case stops ovulation and increases the shedding line of the uterus in your body. Only after delivery, your period starts again.
  • But not always missing periods, not the sign of pregnancy, sometimes this causes due by stress, more exercise and dieting, and hormonal imbalance.
  • Morning Sickness: Well morning sickness is notoriously incorrectly named, As there is not an exact time to sickness there is a whole day in between which causes you to feel sick. This is count in early pregnancy signs, in between, you can feel these symptoms.
  • Fatigue (Tired): Sometimes we have tired due to continuing working the whole day, but in the case of pregnancy this can be the sign of your early pregnancy signs if you have; ready had taken rest 6-7 hours but after that, within few hours you can have again felt tired. 
  • Breast Tenderness: Well, this is another symptom of pregnancy, at this time you can feel some changes in your breast and your nipples can be enlarged, heavy, swollen nipples and tenderness which can be confused in before PMS. However, these things can happen in both of these. But this is a strong sign of your pregnancy.
  • Cramping: Cramping is another sign of pregnancy, but this is the symptom that also occurs before starting your periods. This is sometimes confusing, this time blood flow increase in the uterus which can cause cramping. Don’t be confused between PMS and pregnancy. As there are other signs also there to identify pregnancy.

Other Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

  • Changes in Food Preferences: Food preferences can be changed as your favorite food can make you feel nauseous, and food which you don’t like suddenly change and become favorite. You will be surprised to see that your unliked foods starting your preferences. Pregnant women feel cravings at this time during their conception and aversions.
  • Felt Changes in Mouth Test: Women shared their experiences when they were pregnant two to three weeks after they had started feeling something metallic in their mouth. When they eat something or not taste felt like something which never tasted before.
  • Mood Swing:  During their pregnancy, they had mood swings sometimes feeling happy and sometimes crying the whole day and feeling like harming themselves, depressed and anxious. 

As there are hormones which changes continue and revealing the different changes into the body.

Harmonal Changes in Body

Well, all the symptoms vary week over week and can be happened when you are pregnant and can have due to your menstrual cycle which is about to come. In that case confusion about pregnancy and premenstrual cycle. Symptoms can have due to your exercise more than regular or have changed into your diet.

Early pregnancy symptoms vs. PMS: What’s the difference?

Chances to get pregnant make you confuse about pregnancy and sometimes make you feel happy if you are trying to conceive a baby and as result sometimes this can be heartbreaking. So the better is if you are feeling these symptoms before starting your period than wait for the period date or after a delay of the period in one to the day you can have tested the pregnancy. This is the best thing to consider a pregnancy test. 

When you Should Call a Doctor or Gynaecologist?

If you have already missed your period and are feeling these early pregnancy symptoms mentioned above like twins pregnancy symptoms and also you have taken a pregnancy test which results in positive. You can visit the gynecologist who will let you know the vitamins and medicines which you should start soon.

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