3 Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

3 Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, It is important for you to sleep better and properly. Yes, you need rest while pregnant. A lot of women experience discomfort during pregnancy as they want to know the best sleeping position during pregnancy which is best for them as well as the baby in the womb.

It is said that 7-8 hours of sleep is best for any normal person, so pregnant women should take more than that. During maternity, women face many changes in their body just as cramping legs, dizziness, heartburn, frequent urination, and many more. Even some women are not able to sleep at least 4-5 hours because of baby movements and vomiting.

The best sleep position while pregnant is sleeping on the left side and putting the pillow between the legs. 

1. Sleeping  on the left side during pregnancy

Sleeping position during pregnancy can be very difficult to figure out, especially if you normally sleep on your side with one leg up. Instead of worrying about what position feels best for you, I recommend simply making sure that your pillow will support both your knees and ankles–a yoga bolster will work perfectly well! Some people like to curl up on their side with one leg straight up and/or bent with a pillow between their knees. Placing the pillow only between your knees puts additional strain on your hips, so make sure you have a supportive pillow that supports both your knees and ankles. Sleeping on the left side in pregnancy can help in allowing for optimal blood flow, reduces pressure on hemorrhoids, and aids digestion. Sleeping on the left side can be a favorite for some and not comfortable for others but this side is suggested by many doctors as  During pregnancy you want to sleep comfortably and relax as your baby in the stomach makes you uncomfortable by making movements.

2. Support your Belly and Back

You should know if you are pregnant you have to support your belly and back as these are the part of your body that is so loaded. sleep position while pregnant should be comfortable, you can put the pillow between the legs and can sleep and also put the pillow behind the back. This is the best sleeping position during pregnancy. This position will relieve your back and give support. A straight sleeping position in pregnancy can cause an increase in blood pressure and reduce the level of blood flow.

3. Reclined Position During Pregnancy

Reclining the position in pregnancy will help you to reduce the weight on your stomach, and esophageal sphincter to keep those chest discomforts away while you sleep. Many of women experience heartburn during pregnancy, this position also helps them to get relief and feel lightheaded. 

You can use the pregnancy pillow to get elevated and stay cool. 

Back Sleeping

During your pregnancy, you will change your sleep positions quite a bit. There are many different sleeping positions, and the best way to find the one that works for you is by experimenting. This sleeping position can increase blood pressure and decrease blood flow, which can put extra stress on your baby’s heart and lungs. Moreover, Comfortable positions are important to get high-quality rest, so try out various options like lying on your side, back, or stomach. If you prefer lying on your back in the early weeks after delivery, don’t worry too much if it feels uncomfortable at first; your body will adapt quickly.

sleeping positions for women during pregnancy

Throughout Pregnancy Situation

There are three trimesters during the pregnancy phase, where the first trimester or 3 month pregnancy is difficult for every woman and not the same for everyone. There are many changes that take place in the body during pregnancy nausea, fatigue, dizziness, bloating, heartburn, and shortness of breath. In the first trimester, you can sleep easily on the back but in the second and third trimesters sleeping you may have difficulty sleeping on the back coz you can face shortness of breath also this position in pregnancy can make discomfort for the baby as well. Also, sleeping position to Induce labor in pregnancy matters a lot while pregnant. You need to search for those positions which help to induce labor pain and you can search on google for sleeping positions to induce labor images.

You’re OK to keep sleeping in whatever positions you’ve been comfortable with during the first trimester when you’re laying on your back – it may still be a little uncomfortable laying on your stomach, but not to the point that it hurts you. Once you reach 13 weeks of pregnancy and your uterus has grown beyond the confines of your pelvis, it causes more pressure on organs, and a change in position will be required. Sleeping from a side-lying position is better for this reason.

As you get closer to the end of your pregnancy, you may start to feel uncomfortable sleeping on your stomach. Remember that the second trimester is a great time to lower your body temperature by using a fan or air conditioner at night. You will also start using more rest in this position because it’s easier to get up and move around after lying down for a while on your side.

If you’re facing sleeping problems with your pregnancy, talk with your healthcare provider about all of your options. Increase your relaxation, exercise, and get outside for fresh air when doing so can help you get to sleep. Consider taking natural supplements that may help ease some of your sleep issues as you get close to labor.

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