5 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

5 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breast milk is the only best nourishment source for a baby and if you are facing a low breast milk supply for your baby then you are not alone who facing this problem. For the first six months, breast milk is very important for your baby but many women stop breastfeeding in the first or second month of the baby the reason is the common insufficient milk supply. Here we have mentioned some reasons for insufficient milk supply and how to find out low breast milk production.

Reasons for Low Milk Supply

  • How To Know If Your Milk Supply Is Low?
  • How to Increase Breast Milk
  • Food to Increase Breast Milk

Sometimes women are not comfortable during breastfeeding and anxiety and stress also can lead to low production of milk in women. During breastfeeding, they should be comfortable and relaxed, so that they can easily feed their baby. In a private space, they get relaxed and enjoy feeding their baby.

  • Some medical conditions also cause low milk production such as thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, and PCO
  • Some kind of medication also leads to low production of milk like sometimes birth control pills may lower milk production. in women.
  • Excessive Drinking alcohol and smoking can lower your milk production.
  • Excessive blood loss during the time of giving birth to a baby can delay milk production.
  • Sometimes any kind of breast surgery, nipple piercings also damage the nerves that are attached to milk production.


How To Know If Your Milk Supply Is Low?

If your baby is not spending much time feeding
If the mother is not drinking enough water
If your baby looks thirsty like dry mouth or dehydrated, irritated, and dark urine.
Fewer urine times and fewer bowel moments.
If your baby not gaining weight or even losing some weight

If you notice any kind of symptoms in your baby you should seek medical advice quickly.

How to Increase Breast Milk?

If a woman cannot feed her baby and has low milk production then she has to follow some steps to overcome this such as getting breast massage and relaxing, limited caffeine consumption, and avoiding smoking and drinking if any kind of habit.

Also here are some tips to improve breast milk production.

Food: A mother should eat healthy food and also should focus on eating gravy or liquid food. Also avoid dry food even should eat juicy fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products, Low-fat milk, include protein in food. Nutritional food and managing a balanced diet can improve milk supply.

Breast Pump: Using a breast pump can help increase the blood flow and increase blood supply. Mothers pumping to increase milk supply and can use these breast pumps at each breast for 8-10 minutes.

Use Essential Oil for Massage: Getting massage through essential oils can help to a greater supply of milk. You should have a message for some time if facing low production of milk.

Medication: Some doctors also prescribe the medication to boost milk supply.

Food to Increase Breast Milk

  • Fenugreek
  • Oatmeal or oat milk
  • Fennel seed
  • Papaya
  • Other whole grains

Fenugreek: According to a small study did find out the women who consume fenugreek three times a day produce breast milk rather than those who don’t. There is no evidence that fenugreek actually works so some will not suggest consuming fenugreek. So, take it after consulting with the doctor.

Oats are the best source for breast milk making, Oats keeps dietary beta-glucan than any other food, so it is beneficial for women who want to produce more milk. To consume Oats, there are a lot of recipes you can make cookies, pair with muffins, topping on the fruits, sandwiches, and more. So, this food increases breast milk for your baby.

Fennel Seeds:
Fennel is also used as a kind of milk production source as this contains phytoestrogens, Fenugreek is a vegetable with a white, sweet, licorice-flavored bulb and thin green fronds. To consume fennel, you can eat as raw and also reasoning on fruits and tossed simply with olive oil balsamic vinegar.

Papaya is a sunny fruit which consumes in a normal way like easting raw or with some other fruits both are beneficial for you. These fruits help to produce milk, but this is still not clear how papaya helps in the production of milk. You can use papaya as making soup, raw papaya with curd and cereal, and other fruits.

Other whole grains:
Whole wheat and brown rice are rich sources of beta-glucan, As these are used in the daily routine of life but overcooked. These are food which dietary staples. So, somehow this helps in the production of milk. You can consume white rice normally, and whole wheat with pancake, bread, and muffins.


If a mother experiencing a low blood supply then there is no need to worry, there are multiple ways to improve milk production.


How can I increase my milk supply quickly?

You can use a breast pump, weekly breast massage with some essential oil, eat and drink more, consume liquids more and avoid alcohol and smoking.

What foods help produce breast milk?

Fenugreek, Funnel seeds, Garlik, meat, papaya, and oats.

What are the signs of a low milk supply?

You have gained weight,
The baby has less urination, less bowel movement
Baby’s dry mouth

Which foods to avoid during breastfeeding?

High processed food, alcohol, Caffeine.




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