The Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’t

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’t

The Second Trimester of pregnancy, The time when women start to feel some comfort, has energized feeling, and like back to work mode start. Yes, in the first trimester of pregnancy they do not feel to work, and they start to feel dizzy and sleepy not in the mood to work, But as soon as you enter into the second trimester that feeling slow starts to go.

During the second trimester, women can visibly pregnant, their belly starts to come out and anyone can guess about the pregnancy. Due to baby growth starting rapidly they can feel heaviness in their body. Many more symptoms start to come now other than nausea and vomiting.

Our baby’s growth happens more rapidly which causes the uterus to grow and the belly becomes bigger day by day, as your breast becomes bigger and itching and stretches start to come. Craving for the food and demand will increase. You may start to starve more food. These food cravings and energy will make them grow.

The supply of blood and energy will increase. You may start to have changes in your body which may cause you to visit the doctor as you cannot understand the changes in your body and many more question will arrive at your mind. Ask your doctors for any doubts.

Relaxing Mode in Second Trimester

The best thing about women’s lives is giving birth to a baby, and when this phase starts in your life you can be very happy and excited about this beautiful journey but together with happiness, you may start to feel some nervousness and fear to lose the baby.

One thing I want to share about myself is I was really eagerly waiting for becoming a mother and when this happened to me I was so happy but as soon as the days start to go on some fear to lose a baby start to come into my mind. I was always thinking about is everything fine, Is everything OK or like that. That was the first trimester in which this fear takes place in our minds and we need to give time to ourselves, make trust in our bodies, and relax.

When I enter the second trimester this fear starts to go, some confidence level automatically takes place and I stop thinking about those thinking not just suddenly but slowly. When your baby starts growing, and your belly becomes visible you can get that confidence in yourself.

Doctor’s Visit

When you are in the first trimester you can have frequent doctor’s visits and checkups take place but when you entered into the second trimester they become less like one visit in a month for checkups growth of your baby and everything. If any questions arise in your mind you can ask your doctors. Don’t trust others’ advice or the internet doctor is the best friend in this time and he or she can answer your question in a better way.

Emotional Phase

Women already sometimes get emotional too early and they cry or become so emotional But when it comes to second-trimester pregnancy the emotional phase is so realistic, you can think about so many things which are soo little that can make you cry, sad and emotional. During pregnancy you have lots of things changed hormonal changes, body changes, skin changes, and many more things that become different.

As it is the best and most beautiful phase of any woman you may have concerns about anything related to the baby or you. In this journey, your partner is who stands parallel with you with whom you can share your emotions and thoughts to lessen the burden.

Energy Level Increase

During pregnancy getting rest is a very important thing when you get to enter into the second trimester slowly-slowly your energy level gets back to you. Eating habits become normal you can enjoy your meal now and also get back to your favorite places to have dinner and lunch. you can take your daily walks, exercise in the observation of a trainer, and do yoga and meditation. Now you need to do your work, job or anything. Your pregnancy is going better now and you too.


Women are not allowed to travel at the beginning of their pregnancy as their starting first trimester of pregnancy is very crucial for them, you are not allowed to do many things along with traveling. Doctors also not gave approval for long-distance traveling as your body also working hard and that’s why you need some rest.

When the second trimester begins your energy level gets back to you. In that, you can also travel on the advice of your doctor. Everyone is different and their pregnancy is too. So, it depends on your body and how it works.

Changes in your Body

pregnancy leads you to many changes and they are easily visible in your hair, nails will grow also your skin can be flawless or may become dull. A lot of changes will take place morning or evening sickness become less, sleeping issues due to position changes in sleeping, itching and stretch marks during pregnancy start to come, you may experience baby movement as well which is such a wonderful experience.

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Your changes make it visible and you will no more fit in your old clothes so you need to do some maternity shopping like gowns and pajamas.

In the second trimester of your pregnancy when you slip into your hands you will never no as this is the honeymoon period of pregnancy. Very easy to handle some nausea and vomit may be possible but it is easy to tackle.

Craving for your favorite food and different combination of food will increase and you need to enjoy this phase. You may start to shop for maternity clothes and things which you required. Enjoy your pregnancy.

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