Should I Play Music in the Womb for Baby

Should I Play Music in the Womb for Baby

Playing music in the womb is beneficial for baby to calm and soothe and also they enjoy the vibration. The first voice which they identified is their mother’s voice, So let’s know here should I play music in the womb for baby.

According to research, it is confirmed that newborns can hear in the womb, just after a few weeks in the second trimester of pregnancy, babies are especially associated with the voice of their mother in the womb So, it is not necessary to set the pregnancy headphones on the belly to create listen to the music to the baby. They actually can listen to their mother’s voice. If the mother listens to the music baby also gets calm it does not work differently for the baby. There are lots of benefits to playing music for babies in the womb.

There are Many Benefits of Playing music in the Womb

Babies do respond when they hear to something loud in the womb or related to something, So they can listen to the voice which they identified or actively come to them. Playing music to the baby get benefit their brain development, hearing development, and responding to them. Many more additional benefits are also there.

Brain Development in Womb

Babies do listen to the voice of their mother and soon to their partners and other family members. According to the research, your baby most of the brain development occurs in the womb so it is valuable for them you make them learn something in the womb, like communicating to your baby in the womb cause recognised your voice even when they are born they are friendly with their mother’s voice. They also understand the language in the womb when they hear

Soothing music can soothe your baby and when they listen to the music they usually hear and respond to that. Listening to music can make habit of listening to good music youtube and Spotify have so many songs for pregnancy are available and keep them memorizing those songs.

Bonding Between Mother and Baby

Mother and baby bond the greater and more beautiful love between both of them, baby learns a lot of things from their mother, first recognizing the voice of her mother and understanding and feeling the love and pampering of the mother. Conversation with their baby can make them recognize the voice which helps to development of their brain function. Such as playing belly music for pregnancy trigger the baby’s brain development and even babies like the music and keep moving.

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When Should Start Music for Baby in The Womb

According to a study babies can hear and do movement around 15 to 16 weeks but can recognize their movement, and Around 24 to 26 weeks they can easily hear your voice and music and also they respond through their movement.

You can think about what sound should play for the babies, this is up to you, soothing music in the utero you can play for them also stories, podcasts and poems, and baby songs you can play for them. This will relax you and also the baby.

Play Some Music Instruments

Playing a song for babies is a good thing, they hear through their mother’s voice, you can sing a song and keep talking to them. Baby loves music so you can play some guitar, violin, or something like that.
You can use some belly headphones for them to listen to music, there are so many top-quality pregnancy headphones for the belly, for now, available and you can pick the best one.

You need to be careful with the song choices and also the volume, as these, all things affect long term to the baby, so think and play.

Do not focus too much on playing music for baby or baby’s development, as these things will keep you worried all the time, which have an impact on baby’s development, Perform activities for fun and joy don’t count this thing for worrying things.

Your baby keeps growing in the womb and you just need to relax, it is you and your baby just talking to them conveying your thought with him/her, playing good soothing and calm music for them. Enjoy the Journey of Motherhood. Know more at Parentingdoubts.

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