Latest Unique Baby Girl Names and Meaning for Hindus 2022

Latest Unique Baby Girl Names and Meaning for Hindus 2022

Name your little one who is the soul of your body that little cute sweetheart. There are a lot of nicknames you called but here are some Indian names for baby girls, Indian baby girl names, modern baby girl names. We have a list of baby girl names find here the most beautiful names for your princess.

The baby naming ceremony has huge importance in Hindus, let’s get here some Hindu girl names, Indian baby girl names unique and cute meaning.

Latest Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby Girl NamesMeaning
AadarshiniName that means steady or immovable
AabhaMean ray of light
AadhiraMean soft or quick
AadhritiMean soft or quick
AadhvitaUnique or one of kind
AadarshiniMean honor or prestige
AanchalMeans steady or immovable
AadharshaMeaning pride or honor
AdhyaMeaning first
AadilaskshmiMeans goddess Lakshmi
AadishreeMeans the First girl
AadrikaMean strong, sturdy, and immovable
AnandhiHappy always
AadyashaIts’ baby name which means first
AadyaIt’s a Sanskrit word that means excellent and first
AahanaThe name means ‘Morning Glory’
AakanshaThe name mean Desire
AnandhiThe name means Always Happy
AadyashaThe meaning of the name ‘First’
AartiWho prays the lord very humbly
AarnaThe name of Goddess Lakshmi
AarunyaThe name means ray of the sun
AaryahOne who is noble and honored
AashriyaMeans Land of God
AasthaName mean hope and belief
AbhayaFearless, goddess Durga
AbhigitaThe name means happy go, lucky girl
AdvikaThe name means ‘Unique’
AdvaitaThe name means Sole or Unique
AsarshaThe name means Ambition
AanshiThe name means Gift of god
AangiThe act of decorating the God or a person close to god
AamaniSpring season; Vasanth Ritu; Season of Flowers; Pleasant Ear
BrindaThe name means Tulsi
BishakhaThe name means Star
BinitaThe name means Modest
BhanumatiFull of luster Famous
BinaMeaning ‘Understanding’
BhaviniMeaning Emotional or Beautiful girl
ChaviReflection or Image or Radiance
ChanchalThe name meaning Goddess Laxmi
CharitaThe name means Moonlight
ChakrikaThe name is Goddess Laxmi
ChanchalaUnsteady, goddess Lakshmi, lightening
ChabiRadiance, a positive person
CauveryName of a river in India
ChabraName of the clan in Punjab
ChandaThe name means Love
ChanyaThe name means Delighting
DarikaThe name means Maiden
DayamaiMeaning Kind; Merciful
DayitaThe name means Beloved
DeepaMeans The Lamp
DalajaMeans Produced from petals
DivyaThe name means Divine
DamyantiThe name means Soothing
DhritiThe name means Pleasure, Determination
DakshaThe name means Earth
EkantaPeaceful, Solitude
ElaMeans ‘Oak’
IshanaMeaning Wish, Desire
EktaWords mean Unity
EkajaMeaning The only Child
EkaniNeame meaning ‘One’
EkiyaName means Kindness
EshanaThe name means Wish or Desire
EtaWord means Luminous
EkiyaThe word means Kindness
EkantikaThe name means Single focused
FalakNeame means Brave, Fearless
Falgunia Hindu month; Arjun
FenilName of french flower
FulkiThe name means a Spark
FullaraWife of kalketu
FilomenaA friend of strength
Freyagoddess of love
FarhaName Meaning ‘Happiness’
GauriMeans Fair or white
GangaGanga is the name of River
GeetIt’s called Song
GaurangiMeans Fair Complexioned
GautamiWord means Clouds
GayatriMother of Vedas
GiraMeans Language
GirijaDaughter of mountain
GeetaSong, Short of Bhagavadgita
HiralName meaning Lustrous
HaritaName meaning Fast, Progressive
HemaniMeaning Knowledge or wisdom
HemanginiName meaning Jasmine
HariniGod of Silence
HemaniKnowledge or Wisdom
IshaMeaning Lord
IshitaName meaning Superior or Wealthy
IdrisLord, studious
IjayaMeaning Sacrifice
IdikaThe Earth
IndaliMeaning powerful
IkshitaBeautiful women
JasmineOld World shrub or climbing plant
JhanviGanga the river
JanakiGoddess name
JanyaMeaning ‘life’
JasmitMeaning Famed or Celebrated
JeevikaThe name means River Narmada
JhalakSpark or Glimpse
JailekhaA record of victory
JaishreeMeaning Honour of victory
JaimathiVictorious mind
JalajaMeaning Lotus
JanhithaName Meaning One who thinks of the welfare of men
JasminGift from God
JayaThe Name means Victory
JayantiThe name means Victorious, Durga  
KashviShining or Bright
KavyaPoem, Learning
KiaraThe little black one, Dusky, Dark-haired
KayraMeaning The Sun
KamyaMeaning Desire or Wish
Kashikainherent in the very nature of things
LipikaMeaning inherent in the very nature of things
LopaMeaning Sun
LekhaMeaning Goddess
LibniWhite, whiteness
LadliMeans Loved ones
LajitaThe Name means Modesty
LeenaLord Of The Universe or Immortal
LochanName meaning Eye
MahikaThe earth, Dew, Mist
MeeraA devotee of Lord Krishna
ManyaThe quiet one, Worthy of honor
MaryamThe name means Beautiful women, Flower, Beloved
MeghanaThe Name means ‘Cloud’
MishkaName meaning Gift of Love
MayraMeans Honey or beloved
Mitali Means A bond between friendship and Love
NairaMeaning Shining, Glittering
NavyaWorth praising, Young, Praiseworthy
NiharikaDew Drop
NishaMeans Night
NitaraMeans Having Deep Roots
NidraMeaning Love
NilimaThe name means Unconquerable
OmajaMeans Lotus-Eyed
OniLord Of Goodness
OjasviBrave, Fearless
OjasviBrave, Fearless
OmyaMeans Son
OshaCombustion, shining, burning
OmkariGoddess Parvati, Gauri
OmalaBestower of the om, Earth
PariBeauty, Fairy, Angel
PrishaTalent given by God, Beloved, Loving, Gods gift
PahalThe Moon A Night After Amavasya
PaniniOf a Poet
PallaviMan Who Has Been Taught Customary Law And Entrusted With Certain Dutie
PavaniFull Moon
QiyaraVery Pretty
QueenRoyal Lady
Quincyestate of the fifth son
QuishiMeaning ‘Happy’
RidhhiGood fortune, prosperity
Rabani  Divine
RaginiA Melody, Music
RaagaBelongs to music terms
RadhiAchievement or success
RaakaFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon
RashiCollection; Cluster of celestial star positions signifying
Radhana  Speech
SanchiTruth, grace, beloved
SadhanaFulfillment, achievement, worship
SaagnikaProficient, Goddess Durga
SaadriJudge, Leader, Conquerer
SahanaPatience or Queen,
SakshiEvidence, Witness
SaanaviGoddess Laxmi, Sanvi
TanviBeautiful, delicate, slender
TamannaDesire, wish
TriyaYoung Woman
TamasaRiver, darkness
TanuFrom the River
UditaThe one who raises
UdyatiOne who is  exalted
UjjawalaBright face angel
UjjainiAncient City
UmikaGoddess Parvati
UrmiA wave
UrvashiCelestial maiden
UtsaSpring season
UttaraA star
VaaniFull of energy and light
VashiGoddess Lakshmi, one who wind everyone
VagdeviGoddess of Speech
VidehiGoddess Sita
VaijantiGarland of Lord Vishnu
VamdeviSavitri, Goddess Durga
VamikaGoddess Durga
VamseeOne who is powerful
WatsalaOne who is loving and affectionate
WarhiPowerful and Holy
XilmalGlowing like diamond
XitiDivine and so graceful
XundariBeautiful, Good looking, and pleasing
XalluMighty warrior
YaagnyaA ritual sacrifice to apace the god
YaminiStarry night, artistic
YakshitaMeans a wonderful girl
YamiLight in dark, twinkling star
YashawiniPowerful and successful lady
ZantraRise to the highest point
ZhamakOne who spread lights
ZaitraA precious gift
ZolGod blessings
ZinalLoving and beautiful girl

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